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North Dakota Federal Employment

Federal jobs are available throughout North Dakota, in both the headquarters for various government agencies and in branch and field offices for those agencies. Among these North Dakota federal jobs are positions with the USPS, DoD jobs, jobs in federal prisons and federal courts, positions for federal agents in North Dakota, a wide array of North Dakota federal contractor jobs and many others. Position range widely, from those requiring a clearance for positions in Homeland Security or intelligence-gathering agencies to entry-level jobs in the Social Security Administration. There are also high-level or executive positions in North Dakota within the federal government, including those that fall outside the typically federal payscale and are in the SES payscale. For qualified candidates seeking North Dakota federal government career opportunities and employment listings online, jobs are updated regularly and positions are widely available throughout North Dakota. You can begin your federal government career search in North Dakota today.

Types of Available Federal Jobs

  • Federal Prison Jobs
  • Federal Court Jobs
  • Civil Services Jobs
  • Air Marshall Jobs
  • Federal Police Jobs
  • Federal Security Jobs
  • Postal Jobs
  • Federal Contractor Jobs
  • NASA Jobs
  • Social Security Jobs
  • Federal Agent Jobs
  • DoD Jobs
  • Homeland Security Jobs
  • Border Patrol Jobs
  • DoD Contractor Jobs
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